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Microservices – Maximize deployment velocity & minimize cost !

With increasing business demands, we now develop very large and complex projects that take more time to build and deploy. Whenever QA reports any issue, we need to debug or fix it and then deploy the whole code. To reduce these complexities, most organizations are moving towards Microservices development and Docker for easy deployment and smooth service running.

Microservices is an approach to develop small services that each run in its own process. We should develop microservices instead of one service (a monolithic approach) for a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Microservices are smaller in size
  • Microservices are easier to develop, deploy, and debug, because a fix only needs to be deployed onto the microservice with the bug, instead of across the board
  • Microservices can be scaled quickly and can be reused among different projects
  • Microservices work well with containers like Docker
  • Microservices are independent of each other, meaning that if one of the microservices goes down, there is little risk of the full application shutting down.

Microservices enable digital leaders to meet the requirements by quickly adding new functionality, making changes to and maintaining existing functions, and bringing products to market in a timely fashion.-William A. Brown ,IBM Distinguished Engineer