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Quality Engineering and Testing

Your ultimate safeguard against software flaws, delivering flawless user experiences and unshakable confidence in your product's performance.

Quality Assurance and Testing

With Top-class team of testers and two decades of experience in software testing and quality assurance, Radicle’s team seamlessly handles each stage of the QA process from setting up the QA plan, executing the test cases to continuous testing during the application lifecycle.

QA and software testing are vital to ensure software quality, identify and fix issues early, and deliver a seamless user experience. They play a crucial role in maintaining customer satisfaction, reducing financial risks, and safeguarding your reputation and success in the highly competitive software industry.

Testing Services as You Need

Unit Testing

Building a strong foundation, ensuring the reliability of every code unit, giving your software a solid backbone.

Functional Testing

Unleashing the power of your software, functional testing guarantees it meets requirements and delivers the expected functionality.

Usability Testing

Putting the user first, validating that your software is intuitive, delightful, and provides an exceptional user experience.

Regression Testing

Preserving quality throughout the journey, safeguarding your application against new bugs and ensuring existing functionalities remain intact.

Responsive (Platform Testing)

Adapting to every screen and platform, by guaranteeing your software looks and performs flawlessly, captivating users across devices.

Smoke Testing

Quick and efficient, clear the path for your software, ensuring critical functionalities are working flawlessly.

API Testing

Unlocking seamless communication, ensuring your software’s interfaces are robust, secure, and ready to connect the digital world.

Performance Testing

Pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations, measuring your software’s speed, scalability, and reliability under various conditions.

System Testing

Embracing the bigger picture, end-to-end testing of the whole application, ensuring a well-functioning ecosystem.

How We Work

Analysis & Planning

  • Define Quality Objectives
  • Establish testing Scope
  • Determine required resources
  • Create QA plan – Testing approach, Timelines, and Deliverables

Test Design

  • Test Cases – Inputs, expected outputs and test conditions
  • Test Scenarios – Functionality or user workflows

Environment Setup & Execution

  • Configure hardware and software
  • Execute test cases – Manual or Automated technique

Evaluation & Management

  • Identify defects or issues
  • Assign defects to the development team
  • Verify fixes once implemented

Test Closure

  • Generate reports
  • Conduct a comprehensive review
  • Testware handover
  • Software Support

Deploy & Run

  • Performance Validation
  • Post-deployment validation
  • Regular improvement

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Leverage Our Achievements

Expertise and Experience: 20+ years of experience in serving global clientele.

Tailored Solutions: Choose from a bunch of testing services that fit your requirements.

Collaborative Partnership: Multi-year repeated business relationships.

Quality Commitment: Certified professionals to provide robust software quality assurance, quality control and testing.

Timely Delivery: We incorporate Agile approach to test and fix your code swiftly.

Cost-effective: On-shore services, off-shore price.

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