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Chatbots – A technical revolution towards a smarter communication

Chatbots are artificial intelligence systems that we interact with via text or voice interface. Those interactions can be like asking a bot about weather report. You can even ask for the latest news rather than browsing for them. They can interact or “chat” with a human user in natural language (such as English).

They recognize keywords from the user’s input and access the database for giving a predefined response. For example, the user is sending a text that contains the word “car”. Then the user will most likely to ask something like: what is the model of your car?” Or “Book a car for Chandigarh”.

They will act as a personal assistant that actually assists you. The idea is that these chatbots will eventually be a way to easily find anything that we are looking for, without having to do a Web search or open up multiple apps.

Future of Chatbots

“Chatbots” has become the buzzword these days. Messaging platforms are coming of the age, and Chatbots are all the new trend now. Worldwide, we send over 23 billion text messages a day. Messaging apps are now bigger than social networks. With the rise of messaging apps and chatbots, the way we are using social media to interact and share are changing. Since Facebook has expanded access to its Messenger service, giving businesses the ability to reach customers better through different APIs.With Bots possibilities are endless, you can make bots for any kind of system that will reduce human pain and work. For example, instead of calling a taxi from the Uber app you get to call it directly from Facebook messenger bot. They can be varied as

  • Weather Bots
  • eCommerce Bots
  • Food Bots
  • News Bots
  • Banking and Trading Bots
  • Sales and Marketing Bots

How Chatbots are built?

Chatbot development platform is used to make chatbots. It is a tool through which one can create a chatbot. Chatbot platform helps you by letting you add more functionality to your bot by creating a flow, machine learning capabilities, API integration etc. Chatbot development platform example: Chatfield

Any person without any knowledge of coding can create his/her own bot on Facebook Messenger using Chatfuel. It is completely free for anyone to make a bot on its chatbot platform. Although after your bot reaches 100K conversations/month you will have to contact their team to subscribe as a premium customer. Many multinational companies like Adidas, MTV, British Airways, Volkswagen etc are using Chatfuel for their Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Chatbot ‘Flow XO’

The only chatbot platform to provide over 100 integrations. It boasts an easy to use and visual editor. Using Flow XO we can build bots once for many platforms, unlike other platforms where we have to make a bot again.

Chatbot ‘Gupshup’

GupShup is the leading smart messaging platform that handles over 4 billion messages per month and has processed over 150 billion messages in total. It offers APIs for developers to build Interactive, Programmable, Omni-channel messaging bots and services as well as SDKs to enable in-app and in web messaging. Unlike plain-text messages, GupShup’s innovative smart-messages contain structured data and intelligence, thus enabling advanced messaging workflows and automation.

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The importance of this technology is its role as a stepping stone to the new world of IoT (Internet of Things) wherein traditional roles of sales, marketing and customer service will be completed transformed.