eCommerce – A different thought

eCommerce concept
Most people have a wrong conception about eCommerce and they think that eCommerce is limited to the buying and selling of goods or services online.

eCommerce can open a whole new potential market to your company. Geographical limitations of owning a business have disappeared as the entire world becomes a potential client.

A company selling products or goods to a small local niche market can dramatically increase their revenues with an eCommerce site. A good eCommerce system can integrate with your financial systems providing a real-time view of your business, for better decision making.

A good eCommerce platform can automate many sales, marketing, logistics, and supply chain processes considerably reducing expenses.

Features of a best eCommerce platform :

A fully functional platform with many features means less customization, less development time and usually better support. For the features that don’t come out-of-the-box, a platform that offers extensible and deep customization is a must. Even better is a marketplace of pre-built extensions, plug-ins, and add-on that can greatly enhance the standard ‘off the shelf’ product.

Importance of scalability: Will your eCommerce platform grow with your business, or will you need to start over as your business expands?

We can help you identify, customize, deploy and support the best platform for your needs.

10 Golden Rules you cannot miss while designing an eCommerce website

The digital world is empowering with each passing day. It is overtaking the physical stores and shops and from an ‘extra’, it is turning into a necessity. Ease of access, quick delivery, customer reviews, quality and infinite product options with variable features and discounts on different brands are some of the options that are not readily available in physical stores. Continue reading “10 Golden Rules you cannot miss while designing an eCommerce website”