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Importance of Social Media Marketing In B2B

87% of B2B companies view social media as a highly successful element of their marketing mix. 83% say the same for articles on websites, 78% Newsletters, and 77% blogs.

There is hardly anyone who is ALIVE is NOT LIVE!

Social Media has shifted its domain from entertainment to necessity! So if you think that your business with a multistory building will empower your economy and be the only source to bring revenue then here we are going to add something that will act as a cherry on the cake and that cherry is ‘ DIGITAL MARKETING’.

Like the famous animated movie Kung Fu Panda, there is NO SECRET RECIPE OF SUCCESS its YOU OR YOUR BRAND with HIGH REACHABILITY.

86% of B2B IT buyers are currently using social media networks in their purchase decision process. (IDG Connect)

According to research, 2.5 billion people are available on Social Media out of which less than 2% percent are in your geographical reach. Also according to the Gartner Reports to increase the ‘TRUST’ among the customers we need to enter their daily routine, which is SOCIAL MEDIA, be it by any platform FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

One should follow ‘One Pace Ahead ’ methodology which beliefs on the predictive analysis directly relating to the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats ) analysis. The digital experts should understand business and scope, accordingly, build campaigns with regular upgradations and new tools implementation to reach the organic crowd.

Social Media campaigns are customized according to the geographical areas, age, demography as well as theme-based events and target audience.

In B2B markets people don’t close the deal without researching the brand and their past work online. So your brand existence is reflected on your website. Therefore, the more people that you get to your website checking you out, the more chances you have of doing business.

‘What’s a great way of getting people to your website? Social media. It’s much underrated in B2B markets with Twitter and LinkedIn being the most important routes for generating sales interest.’

The top five social networks used by B2B marketers to distribute content are LinkedIn (83%), Twitter (80%), Facebook (80%), YouTube (61%) and Google+ (39%). Social Media Today

So just don’t try to reach the crowd, turn them into loyal leads through social channels!

A perfect blend of TECHNOLOGY TOOLS and DIGITAL OUTREACH STRATEGIES will make you stand out in the market for CUTTHROAT competition!