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Optimize customer engagement with tailored Salesforce solutions, streamlining interactions and enhancing satisfaction across every touchpoint.

What is a CRM & its benefits

A CRM system will connect the marketing, sales, customer service, and support functions of your business. It can be integrated into your finance and accounting applications providing a financial view into a specific customer or set of customers aiding your decision-making processes. A CRM system can move your company from a product-centric focus to a customer-driven focus.

The CRM system does this through the integration of people, process, and technology, using technology to help your people and your customers.

It is more than just technology, it is a business focus to understand your customer, and anticipate their needs for:

  • Potential new sales
  • Proactively addressing service concerns
  • Anticipating future resources required to stay competitive
  • Targeting new clients

Our offerings

Radicle can begin with a solid review and analysis of your business from the bottom up and top down. Once completed we can recommend the best solution, the most effective customizations and integrations to assure you get the most out of your CRM system. Your company can benefit from a CRM implementation and use the same tools as billion dollar corporations.

Specific technical services offered

  • Implementation services
    • CRM best practices
    • Extensive industry experience & knowledge
  • Integration services
    • Integration with proprietary or package based on-premise or cloud-based systems.
    • Connecting all parts of the organization with CRM data.
  • Optimization services
    • Fine tune settings
    • Enhance existing CRM features
    • Optimize your system to operate with maximum efficiency
  • Development services
    • Create powerful custom features for additional CRM functionality.
    • Ideal for companies with unique needs.
    • Analysis, design and development work can be done:
      • Onsite, at your facility
      • Offshore in our development facility
      • Hybrid onshore/offshore delivery model
  • Migration services
    • Move your mission-critical data to your CRM system.
    • Port any additional functionality from your existing systems to your new environment.
  • Support and training
    • Many support packages options offered.
    • The goal is to meet and exceed your adoption rate expectations.

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