A closer look at Selenium

Introduction to Selenium

Selenium is an open source Software used to automate Web Browser, mainly used for Functional and Regression Testing.It supports various Operating Environments. MS-Windows , Linux).It also supports various Browsers to create and execute Test Cases/Test Scripts(Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer / MS Edge, Opera, Safari). Programming languages to write programs / Test Scripts supported by Selenium are Java , Python , C# .Net , Perl , Ruby , PHP. Continue reading “A closer look at Selenium”

Microservices – Maximize deployment velocity & minimize cost !

With increasing business demands, we now develop very large and complex projects that take more time to build and deploy. Whenever QA reports any issue, we need to debug or fix it and then deploy the whole code. To reduce these complexities, most organizations are moving towards Microservices development and Docker for easy deployment and smooth service running. Continue reading “Microservices – Maximize deployment velocity & minimize cost !”