E-retail is no longer just 'mainstream'

  • eCommerce revenue is expected to grow to 9% of total sales i.e. $327 Billion in 2016.
  • All major retail firms have a robust online presence, with some, such as Best Buy and Sears, seeking to differentiate themselves through closer integration with their brick and mortar stores.
  • This is true, not just in the U.S. eCommerce startups are major beneficiaries of the newest wave of VC spending in markets in developing countries.
  • Meanwhile, in the U.S. the sophistication and ubiquity of eCommerce tools and applications have fueled the next big trend – the sharing economy as exemplified by firms such as Airbnb, Uber, etc.

Radicle has a track record of more than 8 years in providing complete eCommerce based solutions to clients across the globe using technologies varying from C#/.NET and Java/J2EE to Php/Magento.

A few examples of such engagements are listed below.

  • Integration with cloud-based application – eCommerce system for an international distributor of electronics products. Integration with Netsuite to provide back-end functions. Listed among top 5 shopping sites of 2008 by PC magazine.
  • Custom implementation – Full eCommerce site, including back-end logistics and fulfillment for a distributor of environmental products.
  • Japanese market – Site similar in function to Craigslist – with enhancements – targeted at the urban market in Japan, with internationalization features that make it readily deployable to other markets.
  • Instant coupons – A complete application that allows merchants to offer discount coupons to be redeemed immediately, as a way of improving yield.
  • High-end fashion accessories in India – Magento based site for high profile, venture-funded startup disrupting the fashion industry in India.
  • UK based publisher – Includes complex search capability and a separate site targeted at the self-publishing market.
  • Fortune 100 retailer - Full eCommerce system, including backend warehouse and logistics integration, for one of the largest general merchandisers in the world.

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