Internet advertising spent is continuing to grow strongly! Let's discuss how :

  • According to a recent PWC report, digital revenues in Q3, 2013 were $10.69 billion, a growth of 15% from Q3, 2012 and a rise of 4.2% from Q2, 2013.
  • Firms are increasingly looking for ways to harness the internet's ability to support interactive advertising and delivery highly targeted advertisements/promotions for one-on-one marketing.

Radicle has been at the forefront of this trend. We have had the opportunity to serve as a technology implementation partner of marketing and advertising firms for more than 8 years. Some of our experience is briefly described below :

  • Promotional flyer - Graphic design and implementation of promotional "booklet". Implemented booklet in Flash with back-end code to store electronic data. Supported gathering of statistics for analysis and reporting with the Adobe Marketing Cloud (formerly called Omniture).
  • Classified advertising – Responsible for this component in a newly designed, full function publishing system that allows content to be created once for delivery across multiple media – print, web, mobile.
  • Targeted mobile instant coupons – The complete application that allows merchants to offer discount coupons to be redeemed immediately, as the way of improving yield. Merchants can target customers in specific locations. For example, promotions can be delivered only to users who are located more than one mail away from the merchant's premises, thereby reducing the likelihood of cannibalizing walk-in sales that may have occurred anyway. Users can view restaurants offering deals within specific distances on their smartphone and avail of them immediately.
  • Delivery of print promotions over the web – Supports multi-media delivery of advertisements by extracting data and images from print advertisements and serving them online. Since advertisements are generally "free format" in nature, a rules engine is used to allow the application to "understand" information extracted and serve accordingly.
  • Mobile sales support tool for trade shows – Employed by our client, an outsourcer of trade show services, to differentiate their offering. Sales staff in booths at trade shows can use tablets provided our client to access and display their catalog and product features, etc. to potential customers. Lead information for subsequent follow up with interest customers is stored automatically. Note that this is a general purpose tool that can be used by different firms with very little setup required.

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