Sujay Pidara

Founder, Managing Principal

Sujay, a seasoned entrepreneur is charged with guiding the overall vision, strategy, and development at Radicle. He has over 25 years of experience with a proven track record of leadership and delivery success.

He holds bachelor's degree in Computer Science from B.M.S. College (Bangalore University) and his Master's degree in Computer Science from Western Illinois University. As a graduate student, he was also a member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon. Prior to Radicle, Sujay worked as a Director of Program Management with Sapient and as a Director of Delivery and Technology with Metamor/Xpedior.

As a trusted partner of clients, he advises them from idea inception to solution design that meets their strategic and financial objectives. He has led many large engagements and executed complex multi-million dollar e-business solutions for fortune 100 clients in Healthcare, Financial Services, Education and Retail.


Anirudh Pareek

Co-Head, Founding Team for Indian Office

Anirudh is one of the elite members of Radicle family. He is a veteran in managing teams and providing Radicle numerous opportunities to serve various credible clients. Anirudh is leading eCommerce practices, Engagement Management and Business Development of the organization.

After graduating from the University of Rajasthan in the year 2007 with his Bachelors in Technology (Information & Technology ) he initially worked with Radicle as the Senior Software Engineer. Later, with his goal-oriented approach, he started leading the technical and management teams of the organization.

He believes in innovation and hence makes sure that there is a technological advancement in all areas from time to time. Anirudh also holds a passion for public speaking. He currently runs his own talk show, ‘Unwind with Anirudh’, where he interacts with diverse personalities from all realms of life.


Pankaj Kumar

Co-Head, Founding Team for Indian Office

Pankaj has been with Radicle for more than a decade. He is a proficient technologist, possessing exceptional architecture, application development/delivery, project management, and leadership skills. He has comprehensive experience in leading and managing the development teams.Currently, Pankaj is working as the Managing Consultant and responsible for all the Software Deliveries and Quality Management - Process Specification. His previous assignments included Software Development, IT Consulting, Technical Services, and Software-Architecting.

Pankaj holds the degree of Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Mathematics and Masters in Computer Applications from MLSU. Driven by customer delight, Pankaj has also been a key member of the Corporate Leadership Team, driving the change and improving the efficiency of Radicle’s project delivery processes.

With his result-oriented attitude, Pankaj is continuously contributing to the growth of the organization.