Tectonic shifts are occurring in this 1/6th of the US economy

  • The Affordable Care Act will create a new set of winners and losers.
  • The winners are employing technology creatively to improve delivery and lower costs.
  • Use of electronic records – EMR/EHR systems – has increased manifold.
  • As the market shifts to ACO’s with an emphasis on capitation-based payments keeping track of real costs will become even more important. Again, technology will play a key role here.
  • Dramatic improvements in communications and mobility are making telemedicine and home health care increasingly important.
  • Creative firms are emulating retail firms to establish long-term contacts and relationships with patients, advising them on lifestyle choices, appointments etc.

By virtue of our experience, we have a strong understanding of the issues of concern to healthcare firms, the competitive environments they operate in, the 'language' they use and, most important, how technology can assist in meeting their goals.

  • Payors and providers - Radicle’s teams have extensive experience with both payors and providers.
  • Payor systems – These include a claims system developed from scratch for a $400MM payor, provider management, payment systems employing both capitation and fee for service.
  • Provider systems – Clinical systems including integration with labs and business systems to perform back-end administrative tasks, including billing, a/p, collections, etc.
  • Video content delivery - Delivery system for the leading provider of video content to K-12 school systems. Enables students to “attend” classes remotely by streaming content across the web. In use a 150+ school districts across the country.
  • HIPAA compliance – PM for a large HIPAA compliance initiative for a major State of Illinois agency.
  • EMR/EHR – assessment and package evaluation for health care startup.

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