The face of education is changing...and rapidly!

  • Education is increasingly seen as an answer to the ills plaguing our economy – global competition, automation, high unemployment, and low GDP growth.
  • The advent of online learning has dramatically altered traditional delivery models. Witness the work of the Khan Academy in the San Jose school systems.
  • MOOC’s increase access significantly. Courses offered by “star” professor from elite institutions can be “taken” by students across the world. At the same time, results are still not the same as in brick and mortar classrooms.
  • Testing firms are partnering with universities offering MOOC’s to provide fully accredited degree programs.
  • Learning management systems are also in a state of flux. They are changing to incorporate elements such as “social learning” in recognition that students learn from many different inputs.

Our Experience:

  • Student finance - Management of process to consolidate student finance functions for a publicly traded for-profit university. Consolidation of “group” databases and functions. Productivity enhancement applications for counselors to increase retention rates.
  • K-12 schools – Implementation partner to upgrade technology for the leading providers of software to automate the operation of K-12 schools.
  • Mobile delivery – For high profile venture-funded startup, application to enable repurposing of existing content for delivery on mobile platforms in a semi-automated fashion.
  • Video content delivery - Delivery system for the leading provider of video content to K-12 school systems. Enables students to “attend” classes remotely by streaming content across the web. In use a 150+ school districts across the country.
  • Advisory consulting – PM to consolidate student finance operations for the large university. Go forward the implementation strategy and package evaluation for leading state university.

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