Focus on solution design

  • Understand the business of the customer.
  • Provide insights into technology trends, risks, impact on time and cost.
  • Document specifications in a non-technical use case format.

Build only what you need

  • Create extensible foundation.
  • Must have functions developed first.
  • Nice to have features developed for later.

Component-based development

  • Philosophy is not to 'reinvent the wheel'.
  • Using a large library of Radicle developed components reduces time to market and cost.
  • Cloud software integration or other market available components used to perform point functions used as often as possible.

Process flexibility

  • Engagement model and methodology are adaptable and modified to ensure that they fit best into a client environment.
  • Development methodology agnostic - Experienced in Agile, SCRUM, Waterfall, Iterative Build, etc.
  • An approach based on factors such as perceived risk, time to market imperatives, etc.

Development on a fixed price basis

  • Once specifications finalized and technical risks addressed fixed price implementation.
  • Reduces financial risk for customers.
  • Eliminates uncertainty associated with many software development projects.

Leverage offshore development center

  • Develop systems with high levels of interaction complexity.
  • The optimal onshore/offshore delivery model.
  • Lower onshore cost as the offshore team gains business/system understanding.
  • Management, analysis, and conceptual design generally done by senior U.S. based teams.

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